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Over £750,000 raised since the first challenge in 2013

The organiser of the Nine Hour Challenge is Passion in Events Limited ("pie").

When participants sign up for the Challenge they agree to the following terms:

"I acknowledge that Passion in Events Limited ("pie") is the organiser of the Nine Hour Challenge and that a condition of taking part is that I comply with pie's participant terms and conditions and agree to the Nine Hour Challenge and its agents liaising with pie on my behalf.

In addition, I confirm that:

I will be 18 or older on the day of the event. 

I am satisfied that that I am sufficiently fit and healthy to take part in the Challenge and that there is nothing in my medical history or condition which could mean that there is danger in taking part. I will seek medical advice if I am in any doubt. I will email pie ( with a list of any existing medical conditions at least 14 days prior to the Challenge and will update any medical disclosures when I sign in for the Challenge on arrival.

I understand that the organiser does not accept any liability for personal injury, accident, damage or public liability unless it is as a result of the negligence of the organiser or of its agents or employees. I have considered whether I am personally insured adequately to cover such eventualities. 

I agree to wear a helmet and any other required clothing/footwear, and to not use headphones when cycling. I will follow the instructions of the guides throughout the event.

I agree that you can take and use photographs, videos and any other form of media during the Challenge and that you and your agents may use such media.

I agree to you setting up an online fundraising page for me using BT MyDonate to donate or raise money for my chosen charity.  I understand that there is a minimum fundraising or donation commitment for taking part in the Challenge."